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To all city enthusiasts... 
Issue 2 is here!

We're extremely thankful for all of our city correspondents around the world, who have put so much work in to sharing their city life & culture with others. Through our weekly online articles, monthly speakers events, but also across our bi-annual print journal.

Issue 1 received so much enthusiasm, that we could not, not continue publishing, resulting in a second issue of the A City Made By People journal. This time featuring Seattle, Bucharest, Bristol, Madrid and Amsterdam.

Both our team and the correspondents have worked hard on crafting impressive stories, stunning design and finding the right partners when it comes to printing and shipping. And we've succeeded and it looks stunning! So as a city enthusiast, please support us by ordering your copy .

We hope you'll enjoy the read and we always value feedback. Let's get in touch!

Team A City Made By People