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A print journal celebrating people and liveability in cities -
Welcome Issue 3!

It's our mission to inspire both fellow citizens and those abroad to learn about how we live and move, and to get to know those who are making our cities a better place. Also through print.


140 pages - 4 chapters - 15 cities

With our international network of correspondents, we have been able to collect inspiring personal stories from 15 cities around liveability, featuring Amsterdam, Bucharest, Chicago, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Manchester, Melbourne, Minneapolis, Paris, Seattle, Stockholm, Tokyo and Vancouver.

Across 140 pages, divided in four chapters, we hope to inspire you about our network of cities. Enjoy the journey!


Meet talented illustrator Emmy-Koos Meijer

For our newest publication we wanted more colour and illustrations part of the narrative of cities and chapters. And the style of talented illustrator Emmy-Koos Meijer was just what we needed for Issue 3. 

Besides being featured within the journal, we also offer her work in our store here. The limited edition prints are available in different sizes A5 and A3, and there also packs of postcards available.


We’re an international network that celebrates citizens who make
our cities more liveable. Through a print journal, weekly online features, and across monthly local speaker events